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14. – 17.5.2019, Frankfurt am Main

Product groups

All stages of textile processing on four hall levels. This means you gain a precise, comprehensive and concentrated picture of all products and services across the entire sector.

The 20 product groups of Texprocess follow the entire value creation chain – beginning with design and progressing through preparation, processing, logistics, finishing and disposal. Please click on the individual product group for more information.

Product group 'Cutting room and automation technology'

Product groups in detail:

CAD/CAM, product development

Exhibitors in the 'CAD/CAM, product development' product group will be presenting their innovations, including contributions to 2D / 3D design, creation of patterns and grading. You will also be able to see in action new software and technologies for CAD/CAM, body scanning, virtual prototyping and industrial-scale made-to-measure manufacture.

Production preparation and organisation

How do we best design working environments for people? Which time-monitoring systems are best? What are modern delivery, positioning and magazining systems capable of? Learn more about the 'Preparation stages and organisation of production' at Texprocess.

CMT (Cutting, Making, Trimming)

Be it for very short runs or industrial mass production – with equipment like laser technology, specific quantities of textiles can be cut out with millimetre precision to suit the customer's requirements and be reproduced as often as desired. The 'CMT (Cutting, Making, Trimming)' section showcases equipment, machinery and processes for cutting out, separating, straightening, die-cutting, inserting and pre-assembly. 

Fusing, setting and manufacturing preparation

Among the 'Fusing, setting and manufacturing preparation' products, exhibitors will be showcasing new products for inserts, shaped inserts and fusing machinery, as well as apparatus and equipment for labelling, stapling and marking. 

Textile machinery

The product group for 'Textile machinery' includes balers, shrinking and testing equipment and appropriate accessories. In addition, this area also includes machines for attaching fringes, machines for cutting and pinking samples, for manufacturing decoration and general passementerie, including braiding and edging and for the manufacture of lace edging.

Textile finishing

Finishing processes such as pre-shrinking, bleaching, dyeing and printing are important elements in the production process. 'Textile finishing' products include, amongst others, new procedures, equipment and technologies for printing, lining, gluing, lacquering, laminating, stamping, and perforating.

Knitting technology

Whether it is flat-knitting, circular knitting, special stitch formation or linking machines that you are looking for, you will find, here, all the modern technologies, together with the necessary accessories for knitting machines.

Embroidery technology

Constantly new technologies ensure rapid and precise processing, including, for example, special-effect yarns and twines. As far as embroidery technology is concerned, the suppliers' focus is on flawless accuracy of the finished pattern and even fabric feed. Under the heading of 'Embroidery technology' at Texprocess you will find both single head and multi head embroidery machines and automated systems, as well as tensioning accessories and reversing units.

Stitching, joining and fastening technology, automation technology

Increase the efficiency of your processing line: with innovations and modifications to manufacturing technology, you will shorten processing times and save energy. Machines for attaching buttons, rivets, hooks and eyes are all on show at Texprocess, together with sewing machines and sewing equipment, automatic upholstery machines and bartackers, welding presses, tensioning tables and specialised upholstery / covering machines.

Stitching, joining and fastening materials, technical accessories for garment, house and home textiles

Find out about the latest yarns and twines for yourself, together with the extensive range of technical accessories that go with them. This product group includes, moreover, highly-developed fastening and zip-fastening systems, buttons, eyelets, hooks, inserts, precision needles and adhesives specially designed for apparel textiles, as well as furnishing and home textiles. 

Product processing and Finishing

Come and see what is now available in the way of ironing equipment. As well as presenting machines, equipment and accessories for ironing and steam pressing, the 'Product processing and finishing' section also includes, amongst other things, downdraft tables, form presses, moulding machines and pleating machines. Discover, too, new machines and equipment for dry-cleaning, washing and drying.

Energy, air-conditioning, disposal, recycling

Protection of the environment is always an important theme in the textile and apparel industries. The product group devoted to 'Energy, air-conditioning, disposal and recycling' showcases equipment for exhaust air extraction, steam production and vacuum units and presents new recycling processes.

Quality control

Be it chemical and physical testing technologies or modern organisation procedures: ensuring that quality standards are met through certification and product checks is becoming increasingly important for the industry.

Internal material flow

The right sort of storage and material flow systems are crucial for optimum internal material flow. Find out how you can improve your production processes at Texprocess.

Textile logistics

Which suppliers can help to reduce storage costs, increase turnaround speed and maximise transparency? Only at Texprocess will you find machines for folding, placing, binding and labelling goods, as well as new despatch and distribution systems.

Information Technology

More and more companies in the textile and apparel industries are optimising their production cycles, thanks to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). Texprocess is the major trade fair for these and other IT technologies. Improve your e-commerce procedures, your warehouse administration, data collection and merchandise management with innovative production, planning and control systems. The IT providers will help you to plan optimum collections and product ranges and thus increase your sales and turnover.

Services, consultancy, training

Services, consultancy, training' is a product group that includes professional associations, examination authorities, management consultants and certificating agencies. Come and discover the many and varied opportunities for advanced training and further professional development for your colleagues and staff.


This is where the publishers of current trade journals and of literature on all topics relevant to the textile and apparel industries will be presenting themselves and their publications.

Research, development and training

Institutes, universities, colleges and specialist schools are intensively involved in research into new ways of processing textiles and flexible materials and are training your future colleagues. You can find out about whole new opportunities for cooperation at the Texprocess Campus.


Finishing companies will present their technical skills and knowledge, together with their production capacities. Moreover, you will also get information about the supply situation in individual countries. Trade visitors will be able to find out from the individual exhibitors on the spot, about the situation of the local apparel industry, customs regulations, infrastructure and other framework conditions relating to sourcing opportunities.