Texprocess Business

Information for exhibitors

Interested in exhibiting at Texprocess? Here, you can find all the important information you need and can also register.

Stand space rental 2024

Type of stand
Price per sqm
Stand space
250 sqm or
Stand space
500 sqm or
1 - side open 242,00 € / sqm* - -
2 - side open 258,00 € / sqm* - -
3 - side open 268,00 € / sqm* 247,00 € / sqm* 243,00 € / sqm*
4 - side open 281,00 € / sqm* 247,00 € / sqm* 243,00 € / sqm*

Stand space Joint Stand Organisers  

Type of stand
Stand space (€ / sqm)
1 - side open 215,00 € / sqm*
2 - side open
230,00 € / sqm*
3 - side open 244,00 € / sqm*
4 - side open
253,00 € / sqm*

*Prices are per square meter plus:

  • environmental fee of 4.20 € / sqm
  • AUMA fee of 0.60 € / sqm
  • obligatory media package of 985.00 €
  • plus statutory VAT


International start-ups

Young, dynamic and innovative – Your start-up at the textiles trade fairs

We will also be organising a Start Up Area at the next Texprocess 2024. Further details will be published shortly.

If you are interested, please contact us at:

Registration for Texprocess

Texprocess visitor and exhibitor

How to reserve your stand booth:

  1. Send us the completed non-binding declaration of intention to exhibit.
  2. We will then mail you an individual stand space proposal.
  3. If you are happy with your location, send us your confirmation.
  4. We will then confirm your participation.
  5. You’re now part of Texprocess 2024. We look forward to seeing you!

Where do I obtain admission ticket vouchers?

You can obtain unlimited quantities of visitor vouchers for your customers in the exhibitor ticket portal. The first 50 vouchers redeemed are free of charge.

In the portal ticket services for exhibitors, you can create visitor vouchers - even during the event - and invite your customers directly by e-mail or download coupon codes for self-delivery.

Ticket Hotline:
+49 69 75 75 51 51

Ticket services for exhibitors


The exhibition ground during the set-up time

To ensure your set-up resp. dismantling activities can run as smoothly as possible, all vehicles accessing the fairgrounds will need to be registered by you.

Here you can find all important information about the new Messe Frankfurt check-in system:

Messe Frankfurt Traffic Management

Setting-up and dismantling

Please note the different information and times for early and regular setup.

Early set-up (free of charge) from a stand size of 50 m²
15. April 2024 to 17. April 2024, daily from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.
Please register your free early set-up in our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Regular set-up in all halls
18. April 2024 to 21. April 2024 daily from 7:00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.
from Monday, 22. April 2024 from 7:00 a.m. until the start of the trade fair.
Please note that the hall aisles must be kept clear from Monday, 22. April 2024, 3.00 p.m.

Regular dismantling
from 26. April 2024, end of fair*, until 28. April 2024, continuously until 9.00 p.m.
*Please note that dismantling on 26. April 2024 before 20:00 can only take place within the stand area.

Extended dismantling (free of charge)

29. April 2024, from 7.00 a.m. until 9.00 p.m.
Please register your free extended dismantling in our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

The Media Package

The Media Package in screenshots

Thanks to the Texprocess Media Package, you can be sure that your company is shown in the best light on all important information channels before, during and after the fair.

Take advantage of the Media Package for a successful fair!

Information about the Media Package (PDF)
  • company name, address, contact details
  • 2 product groups
  • 1 company page (1 image and 8.000 characters of text per language, i.e., English and German)
  • 5 product pages (each with 1 image and 7.000 characters of text per language, i.e., English and German)
  • 5 search terms
  • 4 contact persons for the online profile

Do you have any questions about the Media Package Manager? We can support you on +49 69 75 75-51 31.

Downloads for your trade fair preparations

We are pleased to provide you with the service document on this page. In this document, you will find important information on our services and for your trade fair planning at a glance. This allows us to offer you the best possible support for designing and preparing your trade fair appearance.

Things you should know: This new service document replaces the service folder that used to be sent by post. Please be sure to forward this service document or the individual information sheets to everyone involved with the trade fair (such as stand constructors, agencies etc.).

Notes for exhibitors

We would like to inform you that numerous suppliers have issued so-called "unofficial exhibitor directories". There are also e-mails in circulation that offer lists of exhibitors and visitors. Or manipulated invoices were also sent, the subject of cybercrime.. Please pay attention to our information on this topics:

We would like to inform you that numerous suppliers such as Construct Data (FAIRGuide, Expo Guide), Matic Verlagsgesellschaft mbH and the online catalogue "International Fairs Directory" have issued so-called "unofficial exhibitor directories".

These directories have nothing to do with the official exhibitor directory as issued by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH.

The official exhibitor directory as well as all online media are strictly issued by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH in collaboration with Messe Frankfurt Medien und Service GmbH.

The billing of the booked online media is based on the respective trade fair event visited. The invoices correspond to the typical Messe Frankfurt Corporate design.

You can find more information about the so-called "unofficial exhibitor directories" on the home page of the AUMA, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry.

We would like to inform you about e-mails with such or similar contents:



I am following up to confirm if you are interested in acquiring the Visitor’s List.

Trade fair event*, Frankfurt, Germany

Verified Visitor’s Counts: 10,100

Contact record includes: - Contact Name, Company Name, Contact Title, Telephone, E-mail and Web Address.

Let me know your interest, so that we can send you cost & additional information.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


* trade fair event e.g. Heimtextil, Nordstil, Ambiente.



There is no cooperation between the Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH and e-mail senders who offer an alleged "Attendees List/Visitors List" or similar. Visitors and/or exhibitor lists for trade fairs will by the Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH not be passed on, sold or passed on for sale to third parties in any other unauthorized way. Only non-personalized data (among others no personal e-mail addresses) is publicly accessible in the context of trade fairs. The scope of the exhibitor application depends on the marketing services (media package, exhibitor search, catalog etc.) booked for the trade fair event.

In the past, it has happened several times that invoices sent electronically by Messe Frankfurt have been intercepted by fraudsters, the bank details changed and the manipulated invoice forwarded to the business partner in the logical second. For this purpose, the perpetrators usually use slightly modified e-mail addresses that look confusingly similar to Messe Frankfurt's e-mail address. If the fraud is not detected, the customers transfer the amount to the bank account manipulated by the fraudsters.

Therefore, please be aware to the sender's e-mail address when sending invoices in the future. Messe Frankfurt does not currently intend to change its bank details. Should this nevertheless happen, we will inform you in a separate letter before issuing the invoice.

Regardless of this, we are working on a technical system solution to prevent this possibility of fraud. Until this is implemented, we ask you for awareness. Messe Frankfurt is very keen to ensure that our business relationship with you is not affected by such fraud and we look forward to a long-term business relationship.